Step 2: Python Package Setup

Now that we’ve got Eclipse up and running it is time to create our empty Python project. In our case we want the project to be ready for some automated package building so that we can […]


Step 1: Install Eclipse

For anyone interested, this is my base Python 3.x environment setup for software development and testing. I use this on my primary PC, and it has worked out quite well over the last several months. So, […]


Just Getting Started

Welcome to ProjectKaren.Ai. So here’s the deal. I’ll be rebuilding Karen from scratch–mostly. I’d like to go through all the core components and restructure them to provide better support for several important features. When complete I […]


Release – Version 0.4 (neo)

Release Announcement Basic Speech recognition, face detection, and speech synthesis. Leverages Padatious library for intention identifications. Can tell time, identify itself, and respond to knock knock jokes. Uses HTTP/s services for separate processes to talk to […]