Release – Version 0.7.0

Release Announcement Changes This is a major change and is not backwards compatible in our quest to reach 1.0 status. Added Generic class for containers (Devices/Brain) Base class for Device inheritance (DeviceTemplate) getIPAddress() for identifying IP […]


Release – Version 0.6.0

Release Announcement Changes Added Added Watcher device Trainer for watcher device using haarcascade classifiers Basic Configuration for Video + Audio (basic_config_video.json) Handlers for capturing IMAGE_INPUT Context object for handlers and devices Modified karen.start() method to support […]


Creating a Skill

Karen provides methods for users to create and add their own skills to her runtime. The process is pretty simple and there are a few built-in skills that provide some examples. Let’s build a simple class […]


Release – Version 0.5.5

Release Announcement Changes Added download_model() support to auto-detect deepspeech version and location Simplified startup logic with default configuration Modified Install process for pypi (validated on Raspberry Pi) Docs now reflect simplified startup and relocated library paths […]


Designing the Listener

The primary interaction method with Karen is through speak recognition/synthesis so the listener is a critical component of Karen’s architecture. The process for converting speech to text has become pretty straight forward over the last several […]