New Features Are Coming…

Karen’s quest for world domination continues. Most recently she has expanded into Smart Home devices with plugs, switches, and soon to be smart panels. Check out the development branch for v0.8.2 for the new “KasaDevice” device […]


Release – Version 0.8.1

Release Announcement Changes Updates to resolve a few bugs and improve compatibility with smaller installs. Modified Removed SilentStream wrapper from Deepspeech startup (to help with compatibility on Google Collab) Moved Brain and DeviceContainer to containers module […]


Release – Version 0.8.0

Release Announcement Changes Consolidated repositories to one global standard. Re-architected module structure and imports with graceful failing. Simplified configuration for startups. Modified Corrected bug in startup for “restart” routine to separate brain/container Added support for additional […]


Release – Version 0.7.1

Release Announcement Changes Authentication, Universal Plug-N-Play, and remote upgrades are included. The focus of this release has been on ease-of-use options that make it easier to install, configure, and use the Karen runtime. Added Build method […]


Roadmap Update

Several months ago we set out to accomplish a few specific tasks in our quest to build a synthetic human. I think it’s time that we do a quick check-in on progress toward version 1.0. Here’s […]