"Leaves? Really?" ~ Karen

Project Karen

Personal Assistant

Speech Recognition

As the "Ears" of the system, Real-time Speech-to-Text (STT) analysis enables parsing captured audio into actionable commands.

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Face/Object Detection

As the "Eyes" of the system, video capture and real-time analysis enables face and object detection for real world interactions.

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Speech Synthesis

As the "Voice" of the system, Text is translated into speech audio via Text-to-Speech (TTS) libraries that bring the entire system to life.

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Intent Determination

As the brain of the system, Neural Networks parse intents from translated speech and video sources to send action signals to output peripherals.

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The Ai platform designed to grow with you

Project Karen's distributed approach to I/O means you can start with a single interaction method and grow the Ai-based features to meet your requirements.

Distributed I/O

Built-in support for networked devices for I/O distribution

Object Recognition

Recognizes faces and objects for unique experiences

Add Your Own Skills

Expand functionality by building your own skill modules

Open Source

Supported by a large community of software developers

Human Interactions

Audio and video processing enables human-like interaction

Business Friendly

MIT Licensed for all the benefits of GNU without the risks

Technology is going to disrupt the future of work, perhaps sooner than we thought.
Brian Cornell
Board Chairman, CEO, Target
Machines can never think as humans do, but just because something thinks differently than you, does it mean it's not thinking?
Alan Turing
Computer Scientist, Cryptanalyst